" The Dunn family had such a great time at the Picnic yesterday. It was wonderful to see and meet so many new and old friends. Thanks for organizing the event and providing the yummy food. We appreciate the support for our daughter Caroline and all the other amazing individuals with Down syndrome! "

Kate Dunn

Coastal BUDS was there for our family during a very difficult time. My grandson had a heart defect noted on his anatomy scan midway my daughter’s pregnancy. Because of the heart defect, further testing showed the possibility of Down Syndrome. My daughter reached out to Coastal BUDS to help her and the family prepare to give her baby the best of care. They were a strong support system for all of us, through calls, texts, encouragement , and even monetary means. Our baby did not survive. He passed away at 7 1/2 weeks due to complications. That was December 14,2017. Even today, almost a year after his death; Coastal BUDS is still a support system for our family.

Jane Hill C.

Coastal Buds is a wonderful newer organization and they were one of the first groups/people I was able to find to give me support in learning more about Down Syndrome and the services available to my daughter. Because of them we’ve been able to connect with others in our community, nationally, & internationally that are fantastic resources for knowledge and support.

Heather O'Sullivan

This is an amazing group for families raising children or anyone lucky enough to have a loved one with Down Syndrome. From day 1 I was overwhelmed by the love and support I felt from the founders and other families in the group. This journey isn’t always an easy one, but it’s better when you never have to go it alone 💙💛

Carolyn Heath

If you don't know anything about Down Syndrome. There is someone here that can tell you most anything you want to hear. I have met a lot of Sweet Lady's that has help me in a lot of ways. Try it out to see for yourself. Thank all for what you are doing.

Amy Crawford